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BERTRAM|SANS is the new, innovative shaving and care range for clever heads – be they bald or close-cropped. For as BERTRAM|SANS sees it, baldness or hairlessness – regardless if your head is shaved to a polish or shorn to the finest stubble – is okay!

And if we geht right down to it, unchangeable at that. That's why BERTRAM|SANS isn't offering another useless, new hair loss treatment but is focusing instead on products specially developed in our labs for smart and self-confident "without-hair-men". 

our Shaving & Care Products

The scalps of men with bald or closely shaven heads are exposed without any protection to wind, cold, heat and above all daily ultraviolet radiation. This often results in redness, itching or flaky patches, as well as sunburn which can lead to hazardous complications. 


However, it’s not only environmental influences but also unsuitable shaving and skin care products that cause irritation. Classic shaving creams, gels and foams have been specifically created for the beard and face. As the hairs of the beard and one’s facial skin are twice as thick/dense? As one’s hair and scalp, the ingredients of these products are often too intensive and aggressive when used to shave the head and scalp, the ingredients of these products are often too intensive and aggressive when used to shave the head. 


Moreover, as every bald man – as well as those with some remaining hair – have doubtlessly discovered, the sun protection products currently available on the market don’t perform well on the scalp. They tend to leave an unattractive white film, or at the slightest bit of a sweat, run into the eyes or down the neck. 


BERTRAM|SANS has taken these and many other “heady” factors into consideration to develop an uncomplicated shaving and care range for daily use. It is comprised of four products. 

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Bertram|Sans: Discover our four personal care products for bald men

 Head Clean: Gently cleanses and adds extra moisture to the scalp.

Head Shave: A shaving gel with aloe vera. Extremely gentle and even suitable for sensitive skin.

Head Refresh: Gives a cooling boost of freshness after head-shaving. Calms the scalp after shaving and helps prevent inflammation and irritation.

Head Protect & Aftershave SPF 30: Care and protection in one. Valuable ingredients leave the skin feeling comfortable and looking good. At the same time, SPF 30 developed especially for the scalp protects against harmful UV rays and sunburn. The best way to keep your bald head safe in the sun!

our Products

4 for all cases: BERTRAM|SANS Head Clean, Head Shave, Head Refresh & Head Protect and After Shave SPF 30 are perfectly matched for cleaning, shaving, care and protection of bald men.


Although bald-headed men no longer have any hair, their scalps often appear flaky or “dandruffy.” This dandruff is in actuality dead skin particles resulting from environ- mental irritation, friction or shaving. In addition, many hairless men suffer from itchy scalps due to extreme dryness and strain.


Bertram|Sans Head Clean relieves and combats these symptoms at the very act of washing, thanks to moisturizing aloe vera as well soothing and mineral-rich sea salt. Natural betaine, derived from sugar beets, provides further care and comfort properties, while natural lemon oil refreshes.


Bertram|Sans Head Clean can also be used as a facial cleanser or light shower gel.


On average, men have 50,000 facial hairs and 150,000 hairs on their head. Even when one subtracts the latter – lost forever by bald men – there’s still a great deal more surface to cover when shaving one’s head. This naturally takes a lot more time, during which conventional shaving products tend to dry out so that the razor doesn’t glide as well, cuts can occur, or more shaving cream must be applied.


The consistency of Bertram|Sans Head Shave is therefore less foamy, but much, much more moist. The creamy gel dries very slowly and lies like a gentle protective film on the scalp. It’s no longer necessary to re-apply the product or shave a second time. The blade glides effortlessly and without pressure – from the first to the last stroke.


A high proportion of aloe vera is responsible for these properties. Bertram|Sans Head Shave also contains anti-inflammatory jojoba oil, as well as astringent menthol.

By virtue of its composition, Bertram|Sans Head Shave is also good for shaving chest and pubic hair, or for a very smooth facial shave.


This spray soothes skin irritations and little shaving injuries that can occur now and then, despite taking the greatest care and using the most ideal products. On top of that, it refreshes and cools the scalp not only after shaving, but also between times – on hot days, after sport, or a slight sunburn.


Witch hazel works to check bleeding, while organic alcohol, menthol, camphor and lemon oil refresh and invigorate, and aloe vera provides moisture. Bertram|Sans head Fresh can also be used as a facial or body spray, as well as a fresh and aromatic eau de cologne.

BERTRAM|SANS Head Protect & Aftershave SPF 30

This light and non-greasy cream combines the features of a powerful and soothing aftershave with those of a sunscreen, the UVA and UVB filters of which have been ideally adapted to each other. Bertram|Sans Head Protect & After Shave SPF 30 should be used every day, for even on days when you haven’t shaved, hairless heads are exposed without protection to ultraviolet rays. Men who go without baseball caps, hats or sun care products don’t only risk a sunburn but serious long-term problems.


Studies show that by the age of 40, light-skinned men who are bald or have little hair have a significantly increased risk of developing actinic keratosis, a growth which can turn into skin cancer. This product’s high-potency sun protection factor (SPF) of 30, which prevents UVA as well as UVB related damage, is therefore particularly important. Ingredients such as aloe vera, panthenol and allantoin provide additional care, comfort and regenerative qualities.


Bertram|Sans Head Protect & After Shave SPF 30 can also be used on the face as a protective day cream – and not only after shaving.


Suitable for everyone: from beginner to advanced. By ordering all four of our products together, you will be treated to the full BERTRAM|SANS experience and save money at the same time!

The box contains:

  • 1x Bertram|Sans Head Clean
  • 1x Bertram|Sans Head Shave
  • 1x Bertram|Sans Head Refresh
  • 1x Bertram|Sans Head Protect & Aftershave SPF 30


the most important questions  & Answers

 Who are BERTRAM|SANS shaving and care products suitable for?

For all men with bald, as well as very closely cropped or almost hairless heads. It makes no difference if a man shaves his head every morning and goes through life hairless, or if a man with a full head of hair opts for a trendy buzz cut now and again. What matters is the protection and care of the relatively hairless and therefore vulnerable scalp provided by Bertam/Sans’ specially developed products.


Do you always have to use all four products at the same time?

No, even though all four products are ideally coordinated with each other. Men who trim their hair down to a millimeter with a machine can naturally do without Bertam/Sans Head Shave for wet shaving. And whoever has found “his” shampoo or shower gel also doesn’t need to use our Bertram/Sans Head Clean. But we consider Bertram|Sans Head Protect & After Shave SPF30 indispensable, for it shields against dangerous ultraviolet radiation, and soothes and moisturizes stressed scalps – day after day!


Why are all four BERTRAM|SANS products available in 100 ml airless dispensers and why are they so multi-functional?

Because “real men” travel a lot, and our 100 ml dispensers are permit- ted in hand luggage. Given that Head Clean can also be used as a shower gel, Head Shave can be used all over the body, Head Refresh smells like an eau de cologne, and Head Protect & After Shave SPF 30 additionally functions as a face cream, a man’s needs can be covered by these four stable, spare and super sanitary bottles.

That’s something “real men” like, and not only on the road ...


Do you need a special razor for BERTRAM|SANS products?

We’re currently hard at work developing our own wet razor, one which doesn’t only function perfectly but looks great as well. Till then, you can use any high-quality razor. Our tip: razors specifically designed for body hair are generally much more flexible and gentle when used on the scalp than normal shaving razors.


Can you feel a difference to conventional shaving creams, etc. when using BERTRAM|SANS products?

Yes! Due to the fact that we don’t use chemical ingredients – to the greatest extent possible. That’s why our Head Clean foams up less than a conventional shampoo, for example, and Head Shave doesn’t look like a meringue on top of the head, but rather a soft, white film ...


How “organic” and “sustainable” is BERTRAM|SANS?

Organic aspects played a big role in the development of Bertram|Sans shaving and care products. Three of our products carry the Lacon Institute’s certified organic seal and more than 95% of their ingredients have been sourced from organic farming. However, with Bertram|Sans Head Protect & After Shave SPF 30, we had to forgo organic certifica- tion, because insuring such a high sun protection factor on an organic basis can only be accomplished with an ointment-like cream that would leave a visible film on the scalp or hair stubble.

By the way: we were naturally man enough to renounce animal testing in the development of our products. We used our own heads instead!


Where is BERTRAM|SANS headquartered?

Bertram|Sans is “based in Berlin” and “made in Austria” – a pretty brilliant combination, we find. For we can be inspired by all the trendy and confident metropolitan men and at the same time, develop and produce our products in the peace and quiet of the countryside using as many regional, organic ingredients as possible. 


I can't keep putting off shaving my head for much longer. How badly does it really affect your ego and appearance when you shave for the first time?

Well, let’s start with the good news. According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, bald-headed men are on average estimated to be 3 cm taller and 13% stronger than they really are. So being bald isn't all that bad for the confidence... And, regardless of head shape and protruding ears, a bald head is always (and we mean ALWAYS) better than desperately combing the remaining hair over to the front or the side! It doesn't hide anything, it just looks awful... We recommend using hair clippers at first. Once your scalp, reflection and environment have got used to your new extra short cut, you can start shaving. Tanned face and chalk-white scalp? This is unavoidable at first. For a little helping hand, simply mix in a few squirts of self-tanner with our BERTRAM|SANS Head Protect & Aftershave SPF 30.


I still have a very specific question...

Fire away! You can get in touch with us at any time at We know what we are talking about. BERTRAM|SANS wasn't just made in a laboratory – we worked tirelessly on the scalps of real bald-headed men. 


BERTRAM|SANS products are available throughout Europe in our very own online shop. Retailers and barber shops, who would like to include our products in their range or offer our Headshave Treatment, can contact us on:



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